1. The Bclub fidelity programme (henceforth Bclub or the programme) is organized and promoted by Boscolo Hotels S.p.A.
  2. The Program starts on November the 1st 2010 and ends on October 30th 2015.
  3. The Boscolo Card owners (henceforth Bcard or the Card) must have at least 18 years old and can be the holder of only one card.
  4. In order to earn, ad use the points Bcredits and to obtain the other benefits it is compulsory to present the card. It is strictly forbidden to cede, sell or exchange the Bcard or whatever benefit obtained, if not explicitly consented and authorized by Boscolo Hotels S.p.A.
  5. All the individuals who stay in the Boscolo Hotels can earn Bcredits only by booking directly at the Bclub Office via phone +39 049 8287789, via e-mail bclub@boscolo.com or on the website www.boscolohotels.com.
  6. The list of the hotels taking part of the programme is available at the address http://www.boscolohotels.com/ita/puntibclub. Boscolo Hotels reserves the right to modify the list of hotels taking part in the programme at any time.
  7. Bcard holders accumulate Bcredits based on the balance of their check-out bill. This amount may include rooms, lunches and/ or dinners, bar, room service and SPA treatments. The Bcredits will be earned only for the Bcard holders reservation, and will be calculated for each single bill separately.
  8. The points will be calculated to the bill from 72 hours after the checkout. It will be assigned one (1) point every 50€ unfractionated. The calculation of the points attributed is executed exclusively round down on multiples of 50€ on every single bill emitted by the checkout of the hotel.
  9. It is not possible to earn Bcredits or obtain Bclub benefits booking through: Tour Operators, travel agencies or websites other than www.boscolohotels.com.
  10. The amount needed for complementary stay may vary from Hotel to Hotel, and will be subject to changes over time.
  11. Bcredits has a validity of 24 months and all the Bcredits accumulated have to be used within this period. At the end of this period, the points will be automatically cancelled.
  12. Bcredits can be used for the room reservations and for special offers.
  13. Bcredits can not be accumulated for Long Stay Tariffs, which are tariffs dedicated for a period of more than 7 nights.
  14. Those Bclub members which work for a company that has a Corporate agreement with Boscolo Hotels will use the negotiated rate that is not subject to further discount.
  15. The Bcard holders have the 10% discount on the following services: restaurant (lunch and dinner), SPA, bar, room service. The discount is valid for a maximum of two persons: the card holder and his/her companion. It is compulsory to show the Bcard in order to obtain the discount.
  16. Clients may begin to enjoy all of the benefits of the programme from the moment they identify themselves to be Bcard holders with a specific card number. For this purpose, every time cardholders make a reservation, they must identify themselves as such, indicating their card number and also presenting their card to the reception staff on arrival at the hotel.
  17. Benefits obtained from Bclub programme are not compatible and may not be combined with benefits from other loyalty programmes, unless otherwise established by Boscolo Hotels.
  18. Bcredits may not be transferred to third parties and they will only be credited to the account of the cardholder who obtained them, regardless of the person that paid the bill. Each cardholder may only hold one Bclub account and any Boscolo Card in addition to the first one that might be requested by a cardholder will be cancelled.
  19. If a cardholder has made a reservation using Bcredits no point will be returned to the card in case of cancellation, modification or no show.
  20. The Personal Concierge services, Personal assistant, exclusive access, personal booking are usable only with prior reservation and can be used only for the dates of reservation.
  21. The early check-in and check-out, the fast check-in and check-out, the newspaper in the room and the free internet connection depend upon availability and are not guaranteed. In detail, the internet connection is supplied free of charge only via cable and not wireless.
  22. The fast check-in and fast check-out services are possible only if the client provides us with all the necessary information: Name and surname; identity card number, place and date of issue; credit card number, type and expiry date.
  23. The personal concierge service is usable only with prior authorization of the use of the credit card.
  24. Boscolo Hotels reserves the right to cancel a Bcard belonging to any cardholder if it is used improperly, and to delete all the points earned without giving any indemnity.
  25. The Bcredits are could not be converted into money or in services or goods different by the ones indicated by Boscolo Hotels
  26. Boscolo Hotels may not be held responsible for any lost or delayed mail, or for errors in rates, descriptions or printing errors on printed material sent to cardholders, and reserves the right to correct them.
  27. If any Bclub stay is not shown on the corresponding account statement, it will be included in the following one. If a cardholder has a complaint concerning the points awarded, they must send a copy of their bill together with the Bclub number to bclub@boscolo.com, for the corresponding points to be awarded. Cardholders have a period of 6 months at their disposal, from the date of their stay, to complain about the allocation of points. Once the said period has elapsed, no further claims on possible points assigned will be accepted.
  28. Accounts that remain inactive for over one year will automatically be cancelled and all points accumulated will be lost. An account shall be understood to be inactive when a Bclub holder has not stayed at a Boscolo Hotel for over one year. Boscolo Hotels reserves the right to assign a different validity period for points assigned in promotions.
  29. The Bclub programme is active for 5 years. At the expiry date, the clients will not be able anylonger to use the benefits or the accumulated points.
  30. Boscolo Hotels must be informed of any change in the cardholder’s name or address in writing, via e-mail.
  31. From this moment on, the Bclub programme shall be regulated by these conditions and any previous regulations are declared null and void. The Living card holders cannot ask the transfer of the points on the new Bcard.
  32. The terms and conditions of the Bclub are governed by the corresponding Italian legislation in force at the time.